What is FreDo ?

FreDo-Editor (Frequency Domain Editor) is an application to edit images in their frequency domain. It transforms images into the frequency domain with the 2D DFT, allows modifications in the frequency domain and gets the image back by using the inverse transform. Just like MS-Paint, Photoshop, GIMP allow editing images (spatial domain), FreDo Editor allows modifications in the frequency domain. Just as how we can view the number 1482, in binary (10111001010) and ocatal (2712), the fourier transform gives us a different perspective of the same data, with some very useful insights.

How is it useful ?

The main purpose of Fredo-Editor is to help visualize frequency domain image transformations. The frequency domain is very helpful in removing periodic/coherent noise is images. It can also be used to help design frequency domain filters.

Where do I report bugs or feature requests ?

On the Issues Page or via E-Mail